Addendum 13b - 2nd Edition
Pharmaceutical Catalogs

Addendum 13b
Parke Davis Co.

Curators Corner:
The Parke Davis Catalog:
“Which manufacturers catalog lists the most medical Cannabis medicines in it?“
This is actually a hard question to answer, but one that as a museum curator, I am asked over and over again.   By ‘most’ do they mean by volume sold?   Or do they mean as a percentage of total medicines listed per catalog?   Or, or . . . I myself usually imply it to mean, by shear number of medicines listed.   Of which, without question, the honor falls to Parke Davies Co., today known as Pfizer Corporation.

Below are selected pages from their 1894 price & product catalog.   As there are different definitions of exactly what constitutes a distinct medicine, the exact number of medicines will vary in count.   Example: Is a medicine a different medicine in Pill as oppose to Tablet form etc., and what about the size of the bottle etc.   But anyone who looks this over will have to say that there are quite a few.

In addition, it must be remembered that as time went on, some of these medicines would be dropped, while yet other newer ones would be added.   All in all we estimate that there are at least 100 different Cannabis Medicines from this one manufacturer alone, probably more.

Pg. 128 - Fluid Extract, Normal Liquid, Powdered Extract, Solid Extract +

Pg. 235 - Tincture Cannabis Americana USP, Tincture Cannabis Indica

Pg. 254 - Pills Cannabis

Pg. 262 - Pills - Ergotin & Cannabis Incia

Pg. 269 - Pills - Neuralgic

Pg. 272 - Pills - Phosphorus & Cannabis

Pg. 279 - Pills - Sedatives

Pg. 280 - Pills - Strychnine Comp.

Pg. 283 - Pills - Zinc Phosphide Comp.

Pg. 284 - Pills - Ergotin & Cannabis

Pg. 330 - Tablet Tincture - Cannabis

Pg. 331 - Tablet Tincture - Cannabis

Pg. 338 - Tablet Tincture - Neuralgic

Pg. 343 - Tablet Tincture - Cannabis

Pg. 354 - Tablet Tincture - Neuralgic

Pg. 350 - Tablet Tincture - Cannabis

Pg. 356 - Tablet Tincture - Cannabis comp.

Pg. 356 - Tablet Tincture - Nerve Tonic

Pg. 356 - Tablet Tincture - Spasmodic, Chlorodyne

Pg. 368 - Compressed Tablet - Neuralgic

Pg. 378 - Compressed Tablet - Damiana Comp.

Pg. 380 - Compressed Tablet - Neuralgic

Due to space / download time considerations, only selected materials are displayed.   If you would like to obtain more information, feel free to contact the museum.   All our material is available (at cost) on CD-Rom format.  

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