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Because so many people keep asking; --- below is a short on what can be found on each of the museum’s CD-roms.   Note that the museum doesn’t just collect a lot of stuff, but it actually [very religiously] scan just about everything and makes it available on CD-Rom format.

CD_Cannabis#1 ---- Medical Cannabis Bottle Pictures:
Lot’s and lots of pictures of pre-1941 medical marihuana products. Everything that can be found at [ ] and lots, lots more. Also, included are some old pamphlets, medical studies etc., of interest.

CD_Cannabis#2 ---- Old Pharmaceutical Catalogs:
Contains a large number of Pharmaceutical Co. (1830 - 1945) “Price and Product” catalogs, which document the existence of well over 2,000 pre-1942 medical marihuana products on a brand or trade name bases.

CD_Cannabis#3 ---- Old Pharmaceutical Catalogs:
A continuation of CD-Rom #2, with yet more number of Pharmaceutical Co. (1830 - 1945) “Price and Product” catalogs. Also included is the 1925 Panama Canal study, Old Drug store photos etc.

CD_Cannabis#4 ---- Old Pharmaceutical Documentation:
Selected pages from the numerous U.S. Pharmacopeia’s, National Formularies, U.S. Dispensatory, Old Medical Text books, Merck Archives etc., a must have. Also selected pages from old Yearly supplements (Druggist Circular Red Book), (American Druggist - blue Book), to old pharmaceutical magazines. Lot’s of interesting stuff.

CD_Cannabis#5 ---- Censored Material:
Due to various legal factors, at the present time this CD-rom and it’s materials are not available to the public.

CD_Cannabis#6 ---- Old Medical Journal Articles:
Volumes upon volumes of old (1830-1945) Medical Cannabis articles from various Medical Journals. Great index included. Also, selected pages from the numerous U.S. Pharmacopeia’s, National Formularies etc.

CD_Cannabis#7 ---- Webcode:
Contains the webcode for the Antique Cannabis Book []. As there is NO COPYRIGHT, this is a great resource for those who simply want to copy stuff for their own websites.

CD_Cannabis#8 ---- Various Junk:
This CD-Rom should be ignored, it contains odds and ends (other peoples websites, redundant images, etc.) that the museum doesn’t want to throw away, but doesn’t really want to keep either. -- Just ignore.


CD_ReeferMadness#1 --- Magazine Articles:
Probably, the most complete source for Reefer Madness magazine articles available anywhere. Everything from True Love to True Detective magazine articles have been scanned. Great index included.

CD_ReeferMadness#2 --- Moving Pictures:
Numerous Educational Films from the 1950’s, Television Programs, Moves etc. As more movies are added, more CD-roms will also be added. Index Included.

CD_ReeferMadness#3 --- Old Time Radio Programs:
On MP3, some of the best Old Time Radio programs from the golden era of reefer madness. Must hear to believe. Radio programs have (kind of) been indexed. Additional information, (radio programming articles from Newspapers, Magazines) are included.

CD_ReeferMadness#4 --- Newspapers Articles (part I):
Actual copies of well over a thousand Reefer Madness newspaper articles.
  Articles about Hasheesh - (era 1850 - 1910)
  Articles about Mariguana - (era 1990 - 1920)
  Articles about Marihuana - (era 1920 - 1945)
  Articles about Marijuana - (era 1935 - 1950)
  Great index included.
[Because of size only the first 3/4’s of the collection is included.]

CD_ReeferMadness#5 --- Comic Books:
Starting in 1937 the comic book industry provided a steady stream of reefer madness articles (almost forgotten today) which was only ended in 1955 by the comic book code. Somewhere around 40 reefer madness comic book stories have been computer scanned and available for viewing. Good index. Additionally, a new section on Modern Day Reefer Madness Comics has been added.

CD_ReeferMadness#6 --- Books, Pamphlets etc.:
Selected pages scanned from various Reefer Madness, books, pamphlets, leaflets etc. Subsections include; Children’s text books, non-fiction (yah right, non-fiction) hardcover books, pamphlets, leaflets etc. Info on the White Cross, and also numerous pulp fiction (dime store novels) covers - Great GGA.

CD_ReeferMadness#7 --- All Else:
Odds & Ends including materials on: Industrial Hemp, the United Nations, Interstate Narcotics Association. WCTU - Women’s Christians Temperance Union, Government Stuff etc.

CD_ReeferMadness#8 --- Part II’s:
A continuation of materials found on other CD-roms, which due to the large numbers do not all fit on just one CD-rom. Sections on Books, Film, Modern day Gore, Magazines, Old Time Radio, etc.

CD_ReeferMadness#9 --- Newspaper II:
Due to the large number of Newspaper articles, a 2nd CD-Rom had to be started. Everything is Indexed.
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Due to space / download time considerations, only selected materials are displayed.   If you would like to obtain more information, feel free to contact the museum.   All our material is available (at cost) on CD-Rom format.  

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