List of pre-1937
Pharmaceutical Cannabis manufacturers

[Updated as of Oct 2009]
Index Of Pre-1937

Asking any present-day Drug/Pharmaceutical manufacturer if they ever used Medical Cannabis in any of their pre-1937 medical products is a bit of a joke.   Each and every last one of them (while not actually denying it) will simply tell you that they don't have any records or information about the subject.

All this makes it hard for present-day historians to locate and identify pre-1937 Medical Marihuana (then known as Cannabis) medical products.   It is for this reason that the museum has put together the following index list; as sources of documentation, we have used the following:
  • An advertisement by the company or medical article about its products - stating that they made use of cannabis.
  • An actual product container or label, which states that cannabis, is an ingredient.
  • A confirmation statement from a reputable librarian or company spokesperson.
  • Manufacturers sales literature, such as sales and product catalogs, pamphlets, etc., stating that cannabis is in use.
WARNING: While reasonable precautions have been taken - inevitably some errors are sure to exist.   In the past these errors (now corrected) have included: mistaking a brand name for a manufacturers corporate name ; listing a quack manufacturer (which listed Cannabis on the label, but didn’t actually make use of it) ; listing manufacturers more then once, etc.
Known to have a Medical Cannabis legacy.

LISTING CRITERIA:   In general the museum has been interested mostly in English speaking North American pharmaceutical manufacturers; however if a foreign manufacturer is located, it too has been listed.   Each manufacturer however, MUST (including the quacks) have sold their products on an established brand or trade name basis.   They must have had an established place of business, as well as all proper licensing per the given period.   A criteria which at times, leads to no end of consternation.   Example: Why are Sears, Roebuck and Montgomery-Ward listed as pharmaceutical manufacturers?   Answer: Because while (obviously) they didn’t actually physically manufacture the given medicine -- BUT they did have it manufactured up to their standards, their brand name was on the label etc.

Also note that some manufacturers are listed solely due to historical references.   Example: Connaught Laboratories, may or may not have directly made use of Cannabis, but because they bought a manufacturer that did they thus inherited the legacy.   Note that in such cases, some kind of identification code if offered.   [ALL source material is available in CD-Rom format from the museum] [Please ignore location codes - for museum use only]

  • Abbott Lab’s - Ravenswood, Chicago, IL [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs, Bottle pictures]
  • F. L. Akers, Pharmacist- 13th & Morris Sts., (southwest corner) Philadelphia, PA.
    [Source = Bottle picture]
  • Allaire Woodward & Co. - Peoria, IL. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs]
    [Source= Government Report on Maria Juanita (1917) within the State of Texas p81]
  • Allan Pfeiffer Chemical Co. - St. Louis, MO. [Corn remedy] [location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs, Catalog picture]
  • American Druggist Syndicate - Long Island, NY [location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs, Bottle pictures]
    [Acquired by Drug Products Co., Inc. - Mar. 1958]
  • American Ferment Co. - Jersey City N.J.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Location=Box P2]
  • American Granule & Tablet Co. - 12 E. 7th St., Cincinnati, OH [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]
  • American Hoechst Corporation [HISTORICAL ONLY]
    [Source = Acquired S.B. Penick]
  • American Home Products (AHP) [ a.k.a. "Wyeth"]
  • P.E. Anderson & Co. - 13 Gold St. New York, NY - (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs, Lilly purchase papers] [Location=Box P2]
    [Acquired by S.B. Penick 1925]
  • Anderson-Hillier - 99 John St New York [location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog Mar 1924] [Bulk Cannabis]
  • Anglo-American Pharmaceutical Co., Ld, Creydon London
    [Source = Magazine Ad - Gailard Southern Medicine 1907 ]
  • R. W. Andrus Co. (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Lilly purchase papers]
    [Acquired by P.E. Anderson & Co.]
  • Archer & Co., Pharmaceutical Chemists, Norfolk, Va. [location=Box P2]
    [Source= Pharmaceutical Catalog [1873], courtesy Virginia State Library]
  • J. Armengol - Laredo Tx. (era 1916) [1] - (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source= Government Report on Maria Juanita (1917) within the State of Texas p31]
  • Wm. E. Armstrong
    [Source= Bottle picture] [cod liver oil]
  • Ashton Collier’s (drug store) Cincinnati, OH
    [Source = Bottle pictures]
  • Aulde Chemical Co., 1305 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa [era 1912]
    [Source = College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Historical catalog - not yet seen]

  • Battle & Company 4026 Olive St., St. Louis, MO. [Location=Box P2]
    [Bromidia] [Source = Sales literature, Bottle pictures]
  • Bauer & Black - Chicago, IL. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Corn Remedy only]
  • J. A. Begy Co., Rochester, N.Y.
    [Source= bottle pictures]
  • The Berlin Pharmacal Co. - East Berlin, CT. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]
  • Frank S. Betz Co. Hammond, Indiana [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = sales brochure]
  • Alonzo O. Bliss Medical Co. - Bliss building, 35*39 B St., N.W., Washington D.C.
    [Source = Bottle Picture (lost picture)]
  • A.M. Bickford & Sons Ltd., Adelaide & Brisbane (Australia)
    [Source = Bottle pictures]
  • Billings Clapp Co. - Boston, MA. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Blue Line Chemical Co.28 South 3d St., St. Louis Mo. [Stopped Cannabis mfg. 1937]
    [Source= Druggists Circular (Red Book) May 1937 p 216]
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Corp.
    [Acquired Roxane Laboratories, which was originally founded in 1885 as Columbus Pharmacal Corp.]
  • Boericke & Runyon Co. - 140 Powell San Francisco Ca.
    [Source= Bottle Picture]
  • Boericke & Tafel Homoeopathic Pharmacy 234 Sutter St., San Francisco, (mfg. portable drug kit with included cannabis) - On museum exhibit, San Jose historical museum.
    [Source = Bottle pictures]
  • Booker’s Laboratories - Norfolk, Virginia
    [Source = Bottle pictures] [Corn Remedy]
  • S. H. Boyd & Co. (Druggists and Chemists) of Wooster, Ohio.
    [Source= Bottle Picture]
  • F.W. Braun & Co. - [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Geo A. Breon & Co., Inc. Kansas City, Mo.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]
  • Brewer & Co Inc. - 138-146 2nd St., Fall River, MA. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]
    [Was acquired by Remington Arms Co., Inc. Oct. 1963]
    [Was acquired by Cooper, Tinsley Lab's Inc. - Sept. 1966]
  • British Drug Houses - London, England [1931 catalog contains no mention, National Library of Medicine]
    [Source= Bottle Picture]
  • Bristol - Myers - [also see Squibb] Brooklyn New York NY [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Brooks’ Homeopathic Pharmacy - San Francisco, Ca.
    [Source= Bottle pictures]
  • The Brown Export & Import Co., New York City.
    [Source = Bottle Pictures]
  • Brunswick Tablet Co. - Mfg. Chemist, Chicago, IL. -
    [Made post-1937 medical Cannabis products]
    [Source= Bottle Pictures]
  • H. A. Brownell Co. - 97, 99, 101 Reade St. New York, NY. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Bullock & Crenshaw - Wholesale Druggist and Mfg chemicals, Philadelphia, Pa.[era 1851]. [Various products] [Magazine Ads]
  • Burroughs Brothers Mfg Co. - 123 Market Place, Baltimore, MD. - [Location=Box P2]
    [Made post-1937 medical Cannabis products]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Buroughs Wellcome & Co. [England]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]

  • Cactus Remedy Company - Kansas City Mo.
    [Source= Bottle Picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Caferrilli Brothers, San Antonia Tx. [1] (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source= Government Report on Maria Juanita (1917) within the State of Texas p55]
  • Carr Drug Co., Muncie Indiana [Location=Box P2]
    [Source= Bottle Pictures, Pharmaceutical catalog (1920) Courtesy Ball University Library]
  • Caswell-Hazard & Co. New York
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]
  • Cenobio Garcia & Co. [1] Laredo Tx.- (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source= Government Report on Maria Juanita (1917) within the State of Texas p1]
  • Chamberlain Medicine Co. - Des Moines, Iowa.
    [Source = Bottle Pictures] [Corn Remedy (Handy)]
  • Chapman Green & Co. - 91 Washington St., Chicago, IL. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]
  • Charlotte Drug Co. - Charlotte, MI.
    [Source= Magazine Ad]
  • Cheney & Myrick - No. 18 Union St., Boston, MA. - (sold crude botanical drugs.)
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Location=Box P2]
  • Chicago Pharmacal Co. 5547 E. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, IL. [Location=Box P2] [Stopped Cannabis mfg. 1937]
    [Acquired by Alcon Lab's - Feb. 1962]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Clemens Amann, Sidney Ohio
    [Source= Bottle pictrue] [Corn Remedy]
  • Clinton E. Worden & Co. - 214-220 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines] [Location=Box P2]
  • Clower Pharmacal Co., Brentwood, MD
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Coffin-Redington Co., San Francisco Ca. (mostly a wholesaler) [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Trade Catalog, bottle pictures]
  • Cole Chemical Co. St. Louis Mo.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Columbus Pharmacal Co. - Columbus Ohio.
    [Acquired by Philips Roxane, Inc. Division of Philips Electronics]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Connaught Laboratories [Historical Note]
    [Acquired by Pasteur Merieux Serums & Vaccines]
  • Cook, Everett & Pennell - 137 Middle St. Portland Maine [wholesaler]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines] [Location=Box P2]
  • John Cooper & Co. - New York,
    [Source= Magazine article - The Pharmacists 1874 pg 99]
  • Cooper Medicine Co. of Dayton Ohio [Location=Box P2]
    [Source= Bottle Pictures]
  • Corby Compressed yeast Co. - Langdon Station, District of Columbia [era 1917]
    [Source Magazine Ad + Washington Post Jan 9, 1917 p4]

  • Da-Ka-Ta Medicine Co. - P.O. Box 17, Indianapolis, IN.
    [Source = Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy] [Location=Box P2]
  • Davies, Rose & Co. - Limited - Pharmaceutical Manufacturers - Boston Mass.
    [Source = Bottle Picture]
  • J. T. Davenport , 38 Great Russell St., London, W.C. [English Mfg.]
    [Source = Ads Chlorodyne - Medical Times and Gazette April 18, 1863]
  • Depuy Manufacturing Co. - Chicago Ill
    [Source= Magazine article - The Pharmacists 1874 pg 99]
  • Deutsche Gold & Silber-Scheideanstalt Co. (German company)
    [Source US Patient trade-mark]
  • Dill Co., Norristown, Pa. - Corn Remedy
    [Source = Pictures of Product]
  • Direct Sales Company Standarized Pharmaceutical Products - "busy since 1913" Buffalo, C.1926, 32pp.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical catalog 1926] [various products]
  • Dios Chemical Co., St. Louis, Mo.
    [Source Magazine ad’s] [product Neurosine]
  • The Druggist Cooperative Co. - St. Louis, MO. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • The Dunlap Medicine Co. Memphis, TN.
    [Source = Bottle Pictures] [Veterinary Medicines]

  • Charles Ellis & Co., -- Wholesale Druggist 56 chestnut St. Philadelphia [Bulk Cannabis] [magazine ad’s]
  • Eimer & Amend - New York [location=Box P2]
    [Made post-1937 medical Cannabis products]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • P. B. Evans sons, Lescher & Webb of Liverpool & London - 50 Bartholomew Close London E C (English company)
    [Source= Bottle picture, magazine ad]
  • Eumetra Pharmacal Co. - 50 Campau Building, Grlsweld St. Detroit Mich.
    [Source = Magazine Ad’s]

  • Farrand, Williams & Clark - 17 Larned St. Detroit.
    [Source= Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Location=Box P2]
  • Ferris, Boorne, Townsend & Bourgher -- Bristol (England)
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog (1888)] [Location=Box P2]
  • Paul V. Finch & Co. 75 Canal St. Grand Rapids, Michigan [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Sold bulk Cannabis]
  • R.J. Fillier & Sons [Spell may be off] [sold bulk Cannabis]
    [Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]
  • Aug + Geo Fischer [name spell may be off]
    [Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]
  • Foot Remedy Co. Chicago Ill.
    [Source = Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Fort Dodge Laboratories, Inc. Fort Dodge Iowa
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Fougera & Co., Inc, E., 75 Varick St. New York, N.Y. [Sold Cannabis cigarettes 1901 - 1938]
    [Source = Sales brochure] [inporters]
  • The Fraser Tablet Company - 262 5th Ave., New York, NY [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Charles Frosst & Co. (Canadian firm - mfg. Cannabis Americana)
    [Source = Bottle Picture]

  • Ganapol Research Laboratories, 2718 Morris Ave., New York, N.Y.
    [Source= American Druggist (Blue Book) 1937 p72]
  • General Apothecaries, Co. Limited - 49 Berners St. W. [England]
    [Source= Ad British Medical Journal Aug 9, 1879]
  • Henry R. Gering Co. Omaha, Nebraska 114-116 Farnam St. Omaha, USA
    [Source= Magazine ad]
  • Golden Pride, Florida [none manufacturer - historical reference only]
    [Originally a part of W.T. Rawleigh]
  • W.G.M. Gordon Cincinnati, Oh.
    [Source= Magazine article - The Pharmacists 1874 pg 99]
  • Great American Herb Co. - Washington, DC.
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • T.L.A. Greve & Bro. South-east corner of 6th and John St. (southeast corner), Cincinnati, OH.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Location=Box P2]
  • Grimault and Sons - (French firm) [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Sales brochure, newspaper ad’s]
  • Albert G. Groblewski, 241 E. Main St., Plymouth, PA. - Made Linden Cough Balsam.
    [Source= Bottle Picture]
  • Gross & Delbridge's
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog - National Library of Medicine] [Location=Box P2]
  • Gunjah-Wallash Co. 476 Broadway. NY, NY.
    [Source= Newspaper Ad’s] [Hasheesh Candy]

  • Dr. W.L. Hitchcock, of Madison, Georgia - [Quack Medicine made with Indian Hemp] Dr. W.L. Hitchcock’s Liver Medicine - fluid Extract of Stilingia and Indian hemp
    [Source=Atlanta Constitution Ad Oct 6, 1870 pO_2B]
  • Halsey Bros. Co. Chicago and St. Paul. [affiliated with Chicago Pharmacal]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines] [Location=Box P2]
  • Edwards & Hainsworth, Elgin, Ill.
    [Source= Magazine article - The Pharmacists 1874 pg 99]
  • Allen & Hanburys Ld. -
    [Source= Bottle picture]
  • Hance Brothers & White - Philadelphia, PA. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • S.H. Hanna Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]
  • J.F. Hartz Co., 1529 Broadway Detroit, Michigan [1924] [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Harvey, G.F. Co. Saratoga Springs, New York [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Bottle picture, Pharmaceutical Catalog (1913) Courtesy National Library of Medicine] [Multiply medicines]
  • Herring & Co. 40 Alders-gate St. London [extract of Indian Cannabis]
    [Source= Druggists Circular (Red Book) Nov 1912 p11 + American Practitioner --1884 p25-30]
  • A. Herzog & Co. (Germany)
    [Source = Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Dr. Hess & Clark Inc. - Ashland, OH. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Bottle Pictures] [Veterinary Medicines]
  • Chas. Heylman - Chicago, Ill
    [Source= Magazine article - The Pharmacists 1874 pg 99]
  • H. H. Hill & Co., S.E. Cor. Fifth and Race Streets, Cincinnati, Ohio
    [Source = Magazine Ad’s]
  • R. Hillier's Son Co. - 100 William St., New York, NY. (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Was acquired by S.B. Penick early 1930's] [Location=Box P2]
  • Hillside Chemical Co. Newburg, N.Y. [1] (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source= Government Report on Maria Juanita (1917) within the State of Texas p32]
  • Hirsch Laboratories Pharmaceutical Chemists (St. Louis)
    [Source = Bottle picture]
  • Chas L. Hisking - [Spell may be off] (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]
  • Hocking Moore Drug Co. Wichita, Kansas [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] (sold bulk Cannabis)
  • E. A. Holland & Co., - 120 N. 7th St., Philadelphia - [Mostly wholesaler]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Trade Catalog]
  • Hollander-Koshland Co. (Inc.) Baltimore
    [Made quack medicine Hill’s syrup ]
    [Source = AMA Book - Nostrums & Quackery -1920 p93]
  • Hollings-Smith Co., Orangeburg, N.Y. - (sold drugs under the trade name Bell's)
    [Source = Bottle picture, Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Ad’s]
  • J. L. Hopkins & Co. - 220 Broadway, New York City, NY. (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Was acquired by S.B. Penick June 1953] [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog, Various magazine Ad’s]
  • Houston Drug Co. (wholesale druggist) [Box P2 front page]
    [Source= Government Report on Maria Juanita (1917) within the State of Texas p83]
  • Huber & Fuhrman Drug Mills - Fond Du Lac., WI. (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Location=Box P2]
  • J. T. Huffman - Manito, IL. (sold crude botanical drugs) stopped dealing after 1937.
    [Source = Book “Reefer Madness” by ratso]
  • Humphreys' Homeopathic Medicine Co. - 109 Fulton St., New York, NY.
    [Source = Bottle picture, Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Location=Box P2]
  • Hunnewell’s -- [John L. Hunnewell, Practical Pharmaceutist, 97 Commercial St., Boston, MA
    [Source - Ad “Retrospect of practical Medicine & Surgery 1867]

  • Independent Pharmaceutical Co., Worcester, Mass.
    [Source= Bottle Picture]
  • Frederick F. Ingram & Co. - 37--39 Larned St., West Detroit, MI.
    [Corn Remedy] Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog [Location=Box P2]
  • International Drug Co., Philadelphia Pa.
    [Source = Bottle pictures]

  • Otto Jafnel, Prop. - Deutsche Apotheke Liberty, New York - (Jafnel's Famous Corn Popper).
    [Source= Bottle Pictures] [Corn Remedy]
  • Jaynes & Co. Boston Mass
    [Source= Bottle Pictures] [Corn Remedy]
  • Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, N.J. [location=Box P2] Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Corn Remedy]
  • Stanley Jordass Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]
  • J. F. Judge, - Cincinnati, OH
    [Source - Magazine Ad 1870]

  • B. Keith & Co. - New York, NY. -
    [Source = Ad’s retrospect of practical Medicine & Surgery 1867, plus]
  • The Kell's Company Newburgh,N.Y. (Successors To A.E.Hughes & Co. New York)
    [Source = Bottle pictures]
  • Keysall Pharmacal Co. - Kansas City, MI. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source= Bottle picture]
  • Kneeshaw, Norris & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
    [Source= Magazine article - The Pharmacists 1874 pg 99]
  • Kohler Mfg. Co. Baltimore Md. ONE NIGHT COUGH CURE
    [Source= U.S. Department of agriculture -- Farmers Bulletin 393. "Habit-Forming Agents: Their Indiscriminate Sale And Use A Menace To The Public Welfare," by H.W. Wiley]
  • Koon & Hopperstead Muskegon Mich.
    [Source = Bottle Picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Korn Pop Remedy Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    [Source = Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • C. Robert Kopp Inc., Mfg. Pharmacists York Pa.
    [Source= Bottle pictures]
  • Kostka Drug Co., Lincoln, Nebraska
    [Source= bottle picture]
  • Kramer Pharmacal Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
    [Source= Bottle pictures] [corn Remedy]

  • Langley & Michaels Co. - San Francisco, Ca.[mostly wholesaler]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Trade Catalog] [Location=Box P2]
  • H.R. Lathrop & Co., Inc., 110-116 Beekman St., New York, N.Y.
    [Source = Oil Drug & Paint Reporter]
  • Lazell, Marsh & Gardiner - New York City
    [Source= Magazine article - The Pharmacists 1874 pg 99]
  • John P. Lee Drug House - W. Harrison & Springfield & 5th Ave., Chicago, IL.
    [Source= bottle pictures]
  • Lehn & Fink Company - 120 William St., New York, NY. [Location=Box P2]
    [Acquired by Sterling Drugs, Inc. - March 1966]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs]
  • Lewis Bear Drug Co. Montgomery, Ala
    [Source= Bottle Pictures] [Corn Remedy]
  • Lewis Med. Co. Sayre, Pa
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis In. [location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines] [Bottle Pictures]
  • Josiah K. Lilly, Chicago IL
    [Source= Department of Interior document ]
  • Lloyd Brothers, Pharmacists Inc - Cincinnati Oh. [Location=Box P2]
    [Originally a part of "H. Merrell Co."]
    [Acquired by S.B. Penick 1936 ; Was acquired by American Hoechst Corp. July 1960]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Bottle Pictures]
  • Luyties Pharmacal Company - 4200 Laciede Ave., St. Louis MO. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines][Bottle Pictures]

  • Magic Food Company - Chattanooga, Tenn.
    [Source = Bottle Picture] [Veterinary Medicines]
  • P.H. Mallen Co., 125 N. Wasbash Ave. Chicago, IL. [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog, Courtesy National Library of Medicine]
  • Maltbie Chemical Co. - 250 High St., Newark, NJ.
    [Was acquired by Wallace & Tiernan, Inc. Nov. 1954 ]
    [Multiple medicines][Magazine ad’s, Pharmaceutical Catalogs]
  • S.E. Massengill Company of Bristol, Tenn. [Multiple medicines]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs, Bottle pictures]
  • J.E. McBrady & Co. Chicago ILL
    [Source = Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • McKesson & Robbins, Inc. 91 Fulton St. New York, NY [Location=Box P1] [Originally called "McKesson & Robins"] [Renamed Foremost-McKesson, Inc. - July 1967] [Multiple medicines]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs, Magazine articles]
  • McIlvaine Brothers - 1500-20 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, PA. (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Location=Box P1]
  • McNeil Laboratories, Inc. - 2900 N. 17th St. Philadelphia, Pa. [Location=Box P1]
    [Acquired by Johnson & Johnson - Jan. 1959] [Multiple medicines][Medical Trade Books, Pharmaceutical Catalogs]
  • George I. McElway, Apothecary (Firm) (era 1890) Philadelphia, PA; 1410 Walnut Street.
    [Source = OCLC: 122380189 ] - 1890.: Handbills, each describing one or more drugs or medical supplies; includes a description of Cannabis indica as useful for diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Meade & Baker, Richmond VA [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog (1860) Courtesy Virginia Historical Society)
  • MERCK & CO.- [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs, Magazine articles]
  • William S. Merrell & Co. (Not to be confused with Lloyds Brothers.) Cincinnati, OH.
    [Multiple medicines][Medical Trade Books, Ad’s, Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Location=Box P1]
  • George W. Mercer - Chicago IL
    [Source = Department of Interior document]
  • Messrs, Evans, Gadd & Co., Limited, (Bristol and Exeter) England
    [Source = Magazine article - The Practitioner Jan 1905 p732] [Jar picture]
  • Mexican Products Co.[1] Laredo Tx - (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source= Government Report on Maria Juanita (1917) within the State of Texas]
  • Meyer Brothers Drug Co., St. Louis , Missouri [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]
  • John Thomas Milliken - Chicago IL
    [Department of Interior Document]
  • Mobile Drug Co., 15-17 South Water St., Mobile Al. [wholesale drug distributor - Stopped supplying Cannabis 1937] - [Was acquired by Dorr Drug Co. Aug. 1959]
    [Source= Druggists Circular (Red Book) May 1937 p67]
  • Modern Medication Co. - Chicago IL
    [Source = Department of Interior document]
  • Montgomery-Ward - [Big Retailer - Sold Medicines as one product line] [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Sales Catalogs, courtesy National Library of Medicine] [Various medicines]
  • H.K. Mulford Co. Philadelphia [Location=Box P1]
    [Acquired by Merck & Co.]
    [Multiple medicines]
    [Source = Magazine ad’s, Pharmaceutical Catalogs]
  • Murray & Nickle Mfg. Co. - Elgin, IL. (sold crude botanical drugs) [Location=Box P1]
    [Acquired by S.B. Penick 1937]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog ; Eli Lilly purchase records]
  • Myaltoe Co. - St. Louis, Mo.
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]

  • National Drug Co. Philadelphia PA [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • National Pharmacy Company San Francisco, Ca. [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • National Aniline & Chemical Co., 100 William St., New York, N.Y.
    [Source=Cannabis Indica as per “Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter - The Green Book” pg 31
  • Nelson Baker & Co. - Detroit, MI. [Location=Box P2] [Location=Box P1]
    [Acquired by Purepac Corp. - Feb 1950]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Near's Drug Store, Inc, 137 Broadway Paterson N.J.
    [Source= Druggists Circular (Red Book) May 1938 p79]
  • New York Alkaloid & Extract Co. - 100 William St., New York, NY.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Location=Box P1]
  • Newbro Drug Co. - Butte, Monty. Wholesale & Importing Druggist
    [Source = Bottle Picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Norwich Pharmacal Co. - Norwich, New York [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs - courtesy National Library of Medicine] [Multiple medicines]
  • Charles P. Noyes - Chicago IL
    [Source = Department of Interior document]

  • Omega Corn Cure Medicine Co. 403 Grand Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Orion Pharmacal Co. - 1721 E. 85th St. Chicago, IL. (made post-1937 products)
    [Source= American Druggist (Blue Book) 1939 p148, Magazine article]
  • Otis Clapp & Son - 10 Park Square Boston MA [whole seller]
    [Source = Co. Wholesale Trade Catalog] [Location=Box P2]

  • Parke, Davis & Co. [Location=Box P2]
    [Acquired by Pfeiffer Inc.]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs, Magazine Ad’s, articles] [Multiple medicines]
  • Edward Parrish Pharmaceutist - 800 Arch St. Philadelphia Pa. [importer only - era 1862]
    [Source = magazine ad - Medical $ Surgical Reporter May 17, 1862 p186]
  • Pasteur Merieux Serums & Vaccins [historical reference]
    [Acquired Connaught Laboratories]
  • E.L. Patch Co. - 99 North St. Boston, Mass. [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Pearl Day Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]
  • Peek & Velsor - 9 Gold St., New York, NY. (sold crude botanical drugs)
    Acquired by S.B. Penick July 1952] [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs ; Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]
  • H.J. Penfold & Co. - 1408 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb [Mostly wholesale]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Trade Catalog] [Location=Box P1] S.B. Penick & Co. [Location=Box P1]
    [Acquired by Corn Products Corp. (CPC) 1967]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs]
  • Pepsin Syrup Company, Monticello, Ill.
    [Source = Bottle Picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Allan Pfeiffer Co.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Corn Remedy]
  • Pfeiffer Chemical Co. - New York, St. Louis
    [Source = Bottle picture] [Hayward’s Corn Remedy]
  • Physicians Pharmacal Co. - 133-139 Beaubien St., Detroit, MI.- [1902] [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Physicians Supply Co. 1725 Arch St. Philadelphia, Pa.
    [Source = magazine Ad - Times & Register, Feb 14, 1891]
  • THE PISO Company/Hazeltine & Co. - Warren, PA. [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = books, magazine ad’s, - Warning Quack Medicine]
  • Pitman-Moore Co., Indianapolis In [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Bottle Picture, Pharmaceutical Catalog (1922) Veterinarian, courtesy Indiana Historical Society]
  • Pitman-Myers Co. - Indianapolis, IN. [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Plancholn & Bourguet, Marseille, France.
    [Source= Green Book 1919]
  • Francisco Pizzini - San Antonio Tx.
    [Source = Texas Report 1917]
  • Geo. Please (a Drug Store)- Sebastopol, CA [Location=Box P2]
    [Source= Bottle Picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Pratt Food Company - Philadelphia, U.S.A.
    [Source= Bottle Picture - Veterinary Med]
  • Purcell, Ladd & Co., (wholesale Druggists) Richmond VA. [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog (1887) Courtesy Virginia Historical Society]


  • W.T. Rawleigh’s Co. Freeport, IL. [Location=Box P1] [Now a part of Golden Pride] [Antique Bottle Pictures]
  • Reed & Carnrick, Manufacturing Pharmacists, 198 Fulton St. New York
    [Source= Newspaper Ad’s- Eclectic Medical Journal] [Multiple medicines]
  • Red Cross Chemical Works, 327 Elm St., Chicago, IL [Maltos-Cannabis]
    [Source= Newspaper/Magazine Ad’s]
  • F. Alfred Reichardt, Pharmacist and Importer, 404 Fourth Ave., N.Y.
    [Source= magazine ad Medicl Record 1887]
  • Reliable Specialty Co., buffalo, New York
    [Source= Bottle Picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals [Historical Reference]
    [Originally "Hoffman-LaRoche"]
  • Roxanne Laboratories [historical reference]
    [Acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim Corp. // Originally called "The Columbus Pharmacal Corp."]
  • Rust Bros & Bird, 45 Hanover St. Boston (1890) [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog (Lib. of Med)] [Multiple medicines]

  • Salk Institute [historical reference]
    [Originally called National Drug Co.]
    [Acquired by Connaught Laboratories]
  • San Antonio Drug Company - Tx [1] (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source= Government Report on Maria Juanita (1917) within the State of Texas p82]
  • Sayville Pharmacy (probably a small drug store) [Location=Box P2]
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Schieffelin & Co. - New York, NY. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Dr. W.W. Sherar - 149 Powers block, Rochester
    [Source = pamphlet] QUACK MEDICINE
  • O.F. Schmid Chemical Co. - Jackson, MI [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Schuemann-Jones Co. Cleveland, Ohio.
    [Source = Bottle Pictures]
  • Seabury & Johnson - New York, NY. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Bottle Pictures] [Corn Remedy]
  • Searle & Hereth Co. - 69-75 Wells St., (corner Illinois St.), Chicago, IL. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • G. D. Searle & Co., 4785 Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, Ill. [Location=Box P2]
    [Source= Bottle picture]
  • Sears, Roebuck & Co. [yeah that Sears] Chicago ILL. U.S.A. [retail store ]
    [Source = Retail trade catalog] [Multiple medicines] [Location=Box P1]
  • Sharp & Dohme, Inc. [Location=Box P2] [Location=Box P1]
    [Merged with Merck & Co. - April 1953]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • H. Clay Shaw Druggist and Pharmacist, Piedmont, West Virginia.
    [Source= Bottle picture]
  • Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Inc., New York, St. Louis, and Toronto [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Bottle pictures; sales literature] [Veterinary Meds]
  • Smith Kline - Philadelphia PA [Location=Box P1]
    [Now a part of "Glaxo-Smith Kline"]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Snow's Veterinary - [aka Old Home veterinary remedy Co. ].Knowboro, NY.
    [Source = Bottle Pictures] [Veterinary Medicines]
  • Spurlock-Neals Co. Nashville, TN [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog (1913) courtesy National Library of Medicine]
  • E.R. Squibb & Sons. New York, NY
    [Now a part of "Bristol Myers-Squibb"]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Standard Chemical Co. Des Monies, Iowa.
    [Source = Bottle Pictures] [Suspected Veterinary Medicines mfg.]
  • Standardized Pharmaceuticals - Buffalo N.Y.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog (unseen)]
  • Frederick Stearns & Co. - Detroit, MI. [Location=Box P2] [Was acquired by Winthrop Stearns Lab's, Division of Sterling Drug, Inc. July 1947]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog] [Multiple medicines]
  • Stearns & White co. Chicago IL
    [Source = Sales brochure (date unknown)]
  • Stello’s Asthma Cure by W.H. Muller, New York City NY - [probably not incorporated]
    [Source = AMA book, Nostrums and Quackery pg573]
  • C. S. Stoddard & Co. Manufacturing Chemists, New York
    [C. S. Stoddard & co. was acquired by Yates Drug Co. July 1953]
    [Source= Bottle pictures]
  • Strempel & Jolly Homeopathic Chemists
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Strong, Cobb & Co. - Cleveland, OH. [Location=Box P2]
    [Acquired by Bryant Pharmaceutical July 1957 ; Renamed "Strong Cobb Arner, Inc." May 1959]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog]
  • J. R. Sudler - Bridgeville DE.
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Sutliff & Case Co., Established 1883 Peoria, IL. [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Bottle Picture] [Veterinary Products]
  • Swan & Co. Manufacturing Chemists, New York
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog - poor copy]

  • Taiby-Nason Co., Pharmaceutical Mfg. Kendall Square, Boston, Ma.
    [Source= Bottle Picture]
  • Tancro Drug Co.- Made cough syrups with cannabis.
    [Source= Bottle pictures]
  • Taylor Lloyd. M.P.S. Pharmacists, [sales agent]
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Henry Thayer & Co. [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs]
  • L. A. Thomas Drug Co. - Macon, GA. (corner of 4th and Arch, probably a small drug store)
    [Source = Bottle Picture] [ Corn Remedy] [Location=Box P2]
  • Thomas & Twining Co. 721 Market St. Philadelphia Pa.
    [Source = Ad Retrospect of practical Medicine & Surgery 1867]
  • Tilden & Co. - New Lebanon, NY. [Location=Box P2] [Location=Box P1]
    [Acquired by Textron Pharmaceutical, Inc. - Jan. 1961; Acquired by Yates Drug Co. Mar. 1963]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs ] [pamphlet]
  • Toledo Pharmacal, Toledo Ohio [Location=Box P1]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog (1909) courtesy Ohio historical Society] [multiple medicines]
  • A. P. Towle, Chemist 99, Stockport Road, Manchester [England]
    [Source= Ad in Medical Times and Gazette April 18, 1863]
  • R.H. True [Sell Maybe off] [sold botanical Drugs]
    [Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]

  • UpJohn Co. - Kalamazoo, Mi [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog] [Multiple medicines]

  • Victor Remedies Co. - Fredbrick, MD.
    [Source = Bottle Pix, Sales objects]

  • Walker Corp & Co. Auburn N.Y.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog (unseen)]
  • Walker-Green Pharmaceutical Company of Kansas city, Mo.
    [Source = Article Memphis Medical Monthly 1894 pg 476]
  • Henry K. Wampole & Co. - 426-430 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA. [Location=Box P2]
    [Was acquired by Denver Chemical Mfg. Co. - Sept. 1957]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Wardle Bros. Prescription Pharmacy - Hudson New York
    [Source= Bottle pictures]
  • William R. Warner & Co., Inc, - New York, St. Louis [Location=Box P2]
    [Acquired by Warner Chilcott Lab's, Division of Warner-Hudnut, Inc. Dec 1952]
    [Source = Bottle picture, Pharmaceutical catalog (1890) Courtesy National Library of Medicine]
  • Warren-Teed Products Co. - Columbus, OH.
    [Was acquired by Rohm & Hass Co. - July 1963]
    [Source = Bottle picture - cough syrup]
  • Waterbury Pharmacal Co., Inc., 133 W. 18th St., New York, N.Y.
    [Source= Bottle Picture; 1931 Red Book p60]
  • Webb Manufacturing Co. - Nashville, TN.
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Location=Box P1]
  • Weeks Drug & Chemical Co. - Jackson, Michigan [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • Weeks & Potter - 360 Washington St. Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Location=Box P1]
  • A. H. Williams Co., Inc., Utica, New York, NY. (most likely a small drug store)
    [Source= Bottle Pictures] [Hemp Seed Oil] [Location=Box P1]
  • Westerfield Pharmacal Co., Inc., 11 St. Dayton, Ohio
    [Source= Druggists Circular (Red Book) May 1937 p70]
  • B.O. & G.C. Wilson, Wholesale Botanic Druggists, 20 Central St. Boston
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog 1880] [Location=Box P2]
  • Willows & Co. Ltd. London
    [Source= Bottle picture]
  • Wise's Kansas City Homeopathic Pharmacy Co. - 1115 Wyandotte St. Kansas City, Mo.
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines] [Location=Box P1]
  • I.O. Woodruff & Co. - 257-259 William St. New York, NY
    [Freligh’s Remedy, Freligh’s Heart Drps] - Source [Magazine (Eclectic Medical Journal ad]
  • James Woolly, Sons - Manchester
    [Source= Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • Wrede & Lange - 13 Gold St., New York, NY. (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog] [Location=Box P1]
  • Wyandotte Indian Medicine Co
    [Source = Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]
  • John Wyeth & Brother Co. - Philadelphia Pa.
    [Acquired by "American Home Products"]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines]


  • Yates Drug Co. - New York NY.
    [Tilden-Yates Lab's - was acquired by Chemway Corp. - Dec. 1967]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalogs] [Multiple medicines]
  • T. B. Young - (sold crude botanical drugs)
    [Source = Eli Lilly purchase records]

  • Zatso Chemical Co. Ashland Wisconsin (era 1913)
    [Source = Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]

    List of drug manufactures whose products (while unproven) in all probability contained Cannabis.
  • William H. Baker & Co. - St. Louis MO.
  • Lathrop's pharmacy - Lincoln, Nebraska (as seen in the "Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association" -- March 1923 pp208)
  • Crook Pharmacy in England, [Made Hempine Corn Remedy]

    List of botanical seed & herb importers/wholesalers whose products may have been used in medical applications.

  • Albert Dickinson - Seed Merchant - (sold Hemp seeds)
    [Source US Patient trade-mark]
  • H.W. Buckbee Rockford ILL -
    [Source sales pamphlet] [Box P1]
  • Howe & French 107 Milk St. Boston [Location=Box P2]
    [Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs]
  • Maxim Hershey Seed Co. - 81 New Street, New York City - (sold Hemp seeds, 1917)
  • Oscar H. Will & Co. 7100 NW 62 Ave Johnston Iowa
    [Source US Patient trade-mark - exact trade-mark number lost]
  • The Philadelphia Seed Co., (sold sterilized seeds after 1937) Purgrain Sterilized Hemp Seed -
    [Source sales catalog] [Location box P2]
  • Wm. P. Sheppard, 178 1/2 Water St. New York
    [Source Am Druggist June 1860 p170]

    Other firms that we feel made use of Medical Cannabis BUT we Cannot locate any reference sources]
  • Denver Manufacturing Co. [Was acquired by "Max Factor & Co. - Nov. 1967]
  • A.H. Lyman Co. Manistee, Mich.

    List of Pharmaceutical Manufactures that to the best of our knowledge, (after a good faith effort search) did NOT use cannabis in their medicines.

  • Armor - (such in the Armor hot dog people).
  • The Arlington Chemical Co. - Yonkers, N.Y.
  • Charles N. Crittenton Co. - [very, very large and general catalog - saw nothing - National Library of Medicine]
  • Craddock & Co Proprietors - No.225 N 2d St. Philadelphia, PA. [era 1901] [Quack Bottle] [Real hard to believe]
  • Demas Barnes & Co. -- Medicine catalogue Publisher New York : French & Wheat, [1866] Description 28 p. ; 17 cm. Jan. 1, 1866. [Looked over, Nothing - National Library of Medicine]
  • DeVore Manufacturing Co., manufacturing chemists : private label goods, toilet preparations, standard pharmaceuticals Author: (Cleveland, Ohio) - OH OHIO HIST SOC OHT Year: 1929 Description: 123 p. [Saw catalog - could not find anything]
  • Cincinnati Drug & Chemical Company (Cincinnati, Ohio) [Catalog promoting Gooch's Mexican Syrup and Gooch's Mexican Root Pills] Author: OH OHIO HIST SOC OHT Year: 1900
  • General Apothecaries Co. (Limited) Publisher London, 1856-1862. [per catalog National Library of Medicine] - [General Retail/wholesale pamphlet, but little actual formulas]
  • Luhme ( J. F.) & Co. [1869] - General descriptive catalogue of chemical, pharmaceutical, and physical apparatus, instruments, and utensils -- [saw catalog, nothing -National Library of Medicine]
  • Magnus, Mabee and Reynard, inc. Price list and catalogue for manufacturers & wholesalers : essential oils, balsams, aromatic chemicals, oleoresins, certified colors, flavoring materials basic perfuming products, etc., etc., Publisher New York, N.Y. [1928] 32 p. [Looked over, nothing National Library of Medicine]
  • Mitchell, Charles L. Illustrated catalogue of soluble medicated gelatin and other pharmaceutical preparations manufactured by 1887 [Looked over - Nothing - National Library of Medicine]
  • E.S. Miller Laboratories - 743 Maple Ave., Los Angeles, Ca.
  • N.Y. Pharmacal Association - (same as the Arlington Chemical Co.)
  • The Palisade Manuf’g Co. - (same as the Arlington Chemical Co.)
  • Catalogue / Powers and Weightman [Philadelphia : s.n., 1918] [Nothing - National Library of Medicine]
  • Nathan Tucker M.D.
    [Made Asthma cure, made use of Cocaine but no Cannabis]
  • Wells, Richardson & Co. A catalogue of drugs, chemicals, dye stuffs, druggists' sundries, proprietary medicines, oils, paints, colors, varnishes, brushes, and glass ware / Burlington : [s.n., 1879] [Looked over nothing - National Library of Medicine]
  • Peacock Chemical Co.
  • Hornick, Hess & More - Sioux city Iowa [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Hessig-Ellis Drug Co. - jobbers [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Jewett & Sherman Co. Milwaukee, Kansas [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Lamar & Rankin Drug Co. 53 E Alabama St., Atlanta Ga. [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • George A. Kelly Pittsburg Pa [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • E.S. Leadbeater & Sons Alexandria VA [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Charles Leich & Co. [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Lillybeck-Stinebeck Drug Co. Meridian Miss [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • C.J. Lincoln Little Rock Ark [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • I.L. Lyons - New Orleans [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Miller & Arthur Drug Co. Quincy ILL [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • John D. Park & Sons Cincinnati Ohio [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Quin-Sharpe Drug Co. Vicksburg Miss [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Snodgrass Drug Co. Kansas City Missouri [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • G. Van Antwerp & Son Mobil Ala [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Wallace Brothers Statesville N.C. [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Wangler Drug Co. [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]
  • Ward Bros. Drug Co. Indianapolis IN [nothing] [Lloyd library] [Location = Box P2]


    No attempt is made to suggest that this list is in anyway complete. At best, it is a starting point.   We encourage the reader to provide us with additional manufacturer names if supporting documentation can be provided.

    [1]- Source of Information 1917 Department of Agriculture (investigative) Report.
    All supporting documentation is available from the museum in electronic CD-Rom format.


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