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Is Medical Cannabis Safe?

Answer: YES

Before going into matter, it may be interesting to look at what recent historical sources have to say regarding the subject [1]:
"MARIJUANA -- a poisonous drug made from its [the Hemp Plant] leaves and flowers." ---1953 -"THORNDIKE BARNHART Comprehensive Desk Dictionary"

"Marijuana, or Hashish, a subtle, crazing drug which is being surreptitiously sold in U.S. in the form of cigarettes. Narcotic officials named it "The Assassin of Youth," and state that it is as dangerous as a coiled rattlesnake. Its effects when smoked vary with different individuals. It may make of its victim a philosopher, a joyous reveler, a mad insensate, or a fiendish murderer. Its purveyors whisper into the ears of Am(erican) youth the wonders of a new cigarette with a real thrill, and without harmful effects. Students are lured to its use by promises of resultant keenness of mind, the easy solving of problems, an aid in exams. An addict was hanged in Baltimore in 1937 for a criminal assault on a ten-year-old girl. In Fla. a crazed youth killed his father, mother, two brothers, and a sister. In more than 30 cases of murder or degenerate sex crimes in 1937, marijuana proved to be a contributing cause." ---1957 - "Websters's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language"

". . . Although the effect of marihuana is often unpredictable --- the result is almost invariably accompanied by a loss of restraint and self-control, with subsequent erratic behavior. --- Although the long-run effects of the continued use of the drug are disputed by medical authorities, it is thought by some that chronic addiction leads to a loss of mental ability, stupor, and indolence, and that in such cases irreparable damage is done to brain tissue and nerve centers, and insanity may be the result." ---1959 - The American Peoples Encyclopedia: Exclusively Distributor Sears, Roebuck

". . . the drug has no value as a medicine, and is extremely habit-forming. . . The user loses mental and sometimes physical control of himself, and may commit violent crimes. Marijuana users often become so devoted to the drug and its effects that they lose interest in any useful or intellectual occupation. Probably one of the greatest dangers of marijuana is that persons who use it soon look for stronger drugs, and often become addicted to heroin." ---1962 - "WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA

Despite the prestigious nature of the above publications, I can assure the reader that there are no known poisonous drugs that can be manufactured from the Hemp (Medical Cannabis) plant. And also that Medical Marihuana does NOT cases irreparable brain damage nor does it lead to insanity. Even the infamous Heath/Tulane University study [2] on Rhesus monkeys, which claimed that it did, has now been so widely discredited (and proven to be such an embarrassment) that not even the most anti of anti-Medical Marihuana groups, bothers to quote it anymore.

And as for the absurdity that Medical Marihuana causes people to grab axes and start chopping people's heads off. Let's stand back a little and just use some little logic and reason. Medical Marihuana has been used as medicine for thousands of years. Our own museum has documented well over a thousand [era 1850-1942] brand/Trade named Medical Cannabis Medicines. Yet now we are expected to believe that though out all these centuries not even one medical doctor bothered to notice that her patients were going berserk and running around killing people. Isn't that's like saying that a T-Rex just walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, but no one bothered to noticed -- (what is that expression), "I don't think so". Especially given the fact that Medical Marihuana is so benign that even the federal governments own "Department of Transportation" studies show that Marihuana does not even affect ones ability to safely drive an automobile [3].

Ok, maybe I'm being a little flippant, but still I'm sure [especially given our ever vigilant law enforcement community] that if their were any deaths associated with the use of Medical Cannabis, that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) would surely have some kind of list or be keeping data to that effect. Yet for all the past and present day anti-Medical Marihuana propaganda, nothing can disguise the fact that no one (not the police, not the Medical Establishment, not no one) seems to be able to come up with the name of even one person that has ever died from Medical Marihuana use.

In fact, one striking thing is that all the (so-called) anti-Medical Marihuana groups combined can't seem to come up with very many objective scientific studies supporting their case. Instead they are forced to resort to studies that are funded by and control by other anti-Medical Marihuana groups. Studies that, in general, are NOT published in peer review publications and (try as others may) simply can't be scientifically duplicated; ---in other words "Junk Science".

However, it must be remember that many of our older citizens (and even some gullible younger ones) still believe that "One puff; of Medical Marihuana will automatically lead to a ruin life of drug addictions and depravity."

To them, I have no doubt that no amount of safety/proof will ever suffice. So let me just put it to you this way, the Nov. 14, 1998 of the Lancet, probably the most prestigious Medical Journal in the English language, carried a massive but well documented article which detail every possible medical danger associated with Medical Cannabis --- in essence debunking each and every danger myths. In addition (so that the point was quite clearly made) the same issue also carried an editorial essentially stating that if Medical Marihuana "FOR WHATEVER REASON" is to be outlawed, DO NOT be using medical logic as one of those reasons. In the editorials, own words:
". . . on the medical evidence available, moderate indulgence in cannabis has little ill-effect on health, and that decisions to ban or to legalize cannabis should be based on other considerations . . . "
But to those of you who still believe in the dangers of Medical Cannabis, let me close by putting it this way; each year more and more nations allow their doctors to proscribe Medical Marihuana for their patients. In fact, most of the civilized nations now allow their doctors to prescribe Cannabis -- Funny how no one dying or suffering harmful affects.
[1]- While these definitions have been abridged, nothing has been taken out of context. The complete wording can be found on our sister museum website --
[2]- For many years there has been a study that is used by the medical marijuana prohibitionists about marijuana killing brain cells. It is the Heath/Tulane University study, in which Rhesus monkeys had been strapped into chairs and pumped the equivalent of 63 Colombian strength joints in five minutes, through gas masks, loosing no air and having none provided. Doctor Heath correctly identified that the monkeys died from dead brain cells. What he did not identify was that the monkeys dead brain cells were due to suffocation. Three to five minutes of oxygen deprivation causes brain damage - dead brain cells courtesy of the Red Cross Lifesaving and Water Safety Manual.
[3]- There are two studies that I particularly like to quote. One (DOT HS 808-065) titled "Marijuana and actual driving performance" is important because automobile drivers were actually given Marihuana and monitored. The end result of the study: While there was some effect, it wasn't enough to prevent safe driving. And just to put the coffin nails on the subject. They actually translated the effects into equivalent blood alcohol levels that we can all understand -- those being between a 0.04 and 0.08. In most states blood alcohol lever greater than 0.10 is needed to be considered a drunk driver. So your well within the safety limits. In California the standards are more stringent, a 0.08 or greater is considered a drunk driver. But note that one will never be above a 0.08 (and rarely if ever at .08), at least not in the quantities needed by Cancer Victims. And in yet another study [DOT HS 808 067] conducted by the 'National Highway Traffic Safety Administration' a background check was done on actual traffic accidents was done in which Marihuana was involved. There results were, that given all other factors and traffic conditions, Marihuana users were no more or less likely to have been involve in traffic accidents than any other drivers. Note: These studies have been reproduced by various governmental agencies, with similar results.


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