Chapter 4 - (2nd Edition)


OHIO has a long and very rich pharmaceutical manufacturing history, with numerous 19th century drug manufacturers having been headquartered in the state. (Lloyd Brothers, Columbus Pharmacal, Wm. S. Merrell, etc.)   This in turn indicates that it also has a rich Medical Cannabis history.

The following articles (all Cannabis related) are ALL from Ohio based medical journals: [1]
[S]- July 1, 1849 pp 545 “Obstetrics” – Puerperal Insanity by Dr. Webster
[S]- July 1, 1850 pp 543 “Report of four cases of Traumatic Tetanus, treated by Mercurial Salivation” By Robert Lebby MD – Cannabis is only mentioned once.
[S]- May 1, 1851 pp487] “Pharmacopaeia of the United States of America
[S]- July 1, 1959 pp 527 “Clinical Lecture on Tetanus, Delivered at University College Hospital” Cannabis is only mentioned once.
[S]- Jan 1, 1862 pp 32 “On Indian Hemp, particularly in its relation to its property of Producing Sleep”

Transactions Ohio State Medical Society - Place of Publication Columbus
[S] - Author Kincaid, W. J. “Cannabis indica, in infantile spasm of the glottis; illustrated by a remarkable case” Place of Publication Columbus Date 1858 Edition / Pagination xiii, 69-72
[S]- 1860 pp.73 Author M'Meens, R. R. “Report of the committee on Cannabis indica “ [A good History of the plant -- tetanus, hypnotic, calmative, neuralgic pain, hemorrhage of uterus, labor, rheumatism, treatment of the insane, bronchitis, spasms, epilepsy, falling spells, hysteria] [herring’s extract??] [Tilden & Co.]

CINCINNATI LANCET-CLINIC (note some of the dates may be off)
[e]- 1883 122 - "Cannabis Indica as a local anaesthetic" - Written by a dentist -- I think he is a crack-pot.
[e]- 1885 - pp601 - "Cannabis Indica" - a short paragraph on its use as a nerve tonic.
[e]- 1887 pp193 "Cannabis Indica in Diarrhoea" -- By Frederick F. Bond, MD.
[e]- 1890 - pp227 - "The Treatment of Dyspepsia By Cannabis Indica" short summery of another article. Good things said.
[e]- 1890 - pp422 - "Cannabis Indica in Gastric Neuroses and Dyspepsia"
[e]- 1890 - pp659 - "Cannabis Indica in Neuralgia"
[e]- 1891 - pp85 - "Salicylic Acid for Corns"
[e]- 1891 - pp85 - "Cannabis Indica in Impotency"
[e]- 1892 - pp74 - "Cannabis Indica as an anodyne and Hypnotic"
[e]- 1892 - pp107 - "The Effects of hashish"
[e]- 1892 - pp559 - "Cannabis Indica" a letter to the editor
[e]- 1893 - pp160 - "Cannabis Indica"
[e]- 1894 Vol. LXXII --pp255 "Cannabis Indica"
[e]- 1894 Vol. LXXII --pp572 Corns - A short article about Corn remedies.
[e]- 1896 37- 405 - Fisher H case of cannabis indica poisoning
[e]- 1896 Vol. 36 - pp694 - "Cannabis Indica. -
[e]- 1902 - pp365 - "The History of Cannabis Indica" - a short about it's history. good info.

Cincinnati lancet-& Obserber
[S]- May 1859 pp 270 Author Dutcher, A. P. “Chronic bronchitis; a case cured with alcoholic extract of Cannabis indica” [Chronic Bronchitis]
[S]- Feb 1863 pp 73 Author Wright, T. L. “Some therapeutic effects of Cannabis indica“ [vomiting in Pregnancy & morning sickness, diarrhea]
[S]- 1868 Vol 11 p243 - “Delirium Tremens Treated with Cannabis Indica”

Pre-1937 Medical Cannabis manufacturers
LIST OF PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES Known to have a Medical Cannabis legacy.

ACCORDING to the museums’ index-list of pharmaceutical companies known to have had a Medical Cannabis legacy -- the following (pre-1937) firms were ALL headquartered in the State of Ohio. [2]   Note that in one case the museum has even used one Ohio manufactured medicine (a Cannabis tincture by Lloyd’s brothers), as part of a grandfather FDA approval petition.

WARNING:   This is (at best) ONLY a very partial list of OHIO pharmaceutical manufacturers that the museum has been able to locate. --- Firms that we know for a fact made use of Medical Cannabis.   In addition, (due to download, space limitations) we are only able to show one or two bottle pictures per manufacturer.   In some cases some manufacturers (example Wm. Merrell) made as many as 20 distinct medicines that made use of Cannabis as at least one of their key ingredients.

American Granule & Tablet
American Granule & Tablet Co. - 12 E. 7th St., Cincinnati, OH
[Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]

Ashton Collier’s - (drug store) Cincinnati, OH
[Source = Bottle pictures]

S. H. Boyd & Co. (Druggists and Chemists) of Wooster, Ohio.
[Source = Bottle Picture]

Clemens Amann
Clemens Amann, Sidney Ohio
[Source = Bottle picture] [Corn Remedy]

Columbus Pharmacal
Columbus Pharmacal Co. - Columbus Ohio.
[Acquired by Philips Roxane, Inc. Division of Philips Electronics]
[Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Multiple medicines]

Cooper Medicine
Cooper Medicine Co of Dayton Ohio
[Source = Bottle Pictures]

W.G.M. Gordon Cincinnati, Oh.
[Source = Magazine ad]

T.L.A. Greve & Bro. South-east corner of 6th and John St. (southeast corner), Cincinnati, OH.
[Source = Pharmaceutical Catalog]

Dr. Hess & Clark Inc. - Ashland, OH.
[Source = Bottle Pictures] [Veterinary Medicines]

H. H. Hill
H. H. Hill & Co., S.E. Cor. Fifth and Race Streets, Cincinnati, Ohio
[Source = Magazine Ad’s]

J. F. Judge
J. F. Judge, - Cincinnati, OH
[Source = Magazine Ad 1870]

Lloyd Brothers
Lloyd Brothers, Pharmacists Inc - Cincinnati Oh.
[Originally a part of "H. Merrell Co."]
[Acquired by S.B. Penick 1936 ; Was acquired by American Hoechst Corp. July 1960]
[Source = Pharmaceutical Catalogs] [Bottle Pictures]

William S. Merrell & Co. Cincinnati, OH.
[Multiple medicines][Medical Trade Books, Ad’s, Pharmaceutical Catalogs]

Roxanne Laboratories [historical reference]
[Acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim Corp. // Originally called "The Columbus Pharmacal Corp."]

Schuemann-Jones Schuemann-Jones Co. Cleveland, Ohio.
[Source = Bottle Pictures]

Strong, Cobb & Co. - Cleveland, OH.
[Acquired by Bryant Pharmaceutical July 1957 ; Renamed "Strong Cobb Arner, Inc." May 1959]
[Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog]

Toledo Pharmacal, Toledo Ohio
[Source = Pharmaceutical trade catalog (1909) courtesy Ohio historical Society] [multiple medicines]

Warren-Teed Products Co. - Columbus, OH.
[Was acquired by Rohm & Hass Co. - July 1963]
[Source = Bottle picture - cough syrup]

Westerfield Pharmacal Co., Inc., 11 St. Dayton, Ohio
[Source = Druggists Circular (Red Book) May 1937 p70]

Taken from the museum’s Index of Medical Journal articles – See Addendum B:
[2]- Taken from the museum’s Index of Medical Cannabis manufacturers -- See Addendum A:


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