Hashish (asthmatic) CIGARETTE:


In his book "The Great American Fraud," Samual Hopkin Adams' makes reference to an unnamed brand of German anti-asthmatic cigarettes, (which according to him contained cannabis). Extensive research has failed to turn up any such product.

There was however a contemporary asthmatic cigarette (containing Cannabis -- see chapter on smokables), which was manufactured by the French firm, "Grimault & Sons," [Brand name - Indian Cigarettes], which was being sold in the U.S. [that's Indian from India, not an Amerindian] But, it was a legitimate medical product, even the present day United Nations has given them the seal of approval as being a legitimate product[3].

However, Mr. Adams should not be faulted for mentioning them. After all, it would not be until the mid-20th Century that scientific studies would show just exactly how and why cannabis did indeed help asthmatic patients. In 1905 only causal evidence must have existed.

[3] --- See United Nations, Bulletin on Narcotics - 1962 Issue 4, Also 1951 Issue 4, "Preparations exempted from the control measures of the Narcotics Conventions"

SEE Chapter on Asthmatic cigarettes