California Cannabis Prescriptions:

Calif Prescription

Calif Prescription

Although California was one of the first States in the Union to re-legalize the use of Medical Cannabis. It also bears the unfortunate distinction of being the first State in the Union to have originally outlawed its use in 1913.[3] And according to the LA Times,[4] it was also where the first known Medical Marihuana arrest took place in 1914.

Because of this and other factors, many mistakenly believe that there was never any medical use of Medical Cannabis in the State; and thus no sense in looking for old medical prescriptions from there. However, as can be seen by these pictures [our apologizes, they were the best copies that we could obtain], Cannabis was indeed in medical use. In fact [law or no law] Cannabis was still to be found in California Drug Stores up until the 1920's.

[Photocopies: courtesy of The Haggin Museum, Stockton, Ca.]

[3] Actually, this is not technically correct. Most historians now agree that Cannabis was accidentally included in a poison control law that was passed by the state legislature, and that no one really knew that such a law was in place until many years after the fact.
[4] The Los Angeles Times --Sept. 10, 1914 "Wagonload of Dreams Seized." Note, the arrest actually took place under a city ordinance, not the state law.