Calif Prescription

Calif Prescription

EVALUATING Cannabis Prescriptions:
By far the most sought after (and thus most valuable) Cannabis prescriptions are those that tell a story or have a special meaning behind them. Taking a look at the two prescriptions above; Notice how one has so much detail that it almost tells a whole story, while the other one (written on scratch paper) only seems to tell us only how cheap the doctor was.

Question: -- If you were an antique collector, which one would you pay more for?

Obviously like any other antiques, medical or otherwise, the going market price of written Cannabis prescriptions will vary due to numerous factors:

Physical condition: Yellowing of the paper, tears, or undue rubbing, will obviously decrease the value. Age: Those written before the passage of the 1914 Harrison Narcotics Act, which required record keeping, are very rare and therefore command a higher price than do those written after 1914. However, surprisingly (for political reasons) those written after 1937 are the most valuable and command the best prices. Amount of Information: Like many other things in life, the ability of an object to convey a story will increase its worth. Take, for example, the two prescriptions on the opposite page. One could almost fantasize about the one on the left: Did the pharmacy provide the doctor with free stationary? Could I locate the pharmacy on a map today? On the other hand, the one on the right is barely recognizable as a prescription, and only seems to inspire a sense of cheap-skate-ness.

At present (mostly due to the shear volume of available product), antique prices on Cannabis prescriptions are still very low, with the average one still selling below $10. But prices can vary from between $5 and $50. And, I have noticed that every time the narcís make a major Medical Cannabis arrest, the prices go up shapely.