Novelty items are nothing new, they've been around probably since before (now) antique Cannabis medicines were around.

Some Kind of Bib -- Possibly a free give-away advertisement for "Victor's Infant Relief." [see Chapter 8, on cough syrups ]

Today, a whole host of Cannabis related novelty collectables are beginning to crop up. Anyone doing an internet search under the keywords, "Marihuana" + "Law enforcement Patches," can see how whole businesses have been created around just selling, "Anti-Medical Marihuana Law Enforcement Patches."   Oh Well, what is it that bob Dylan once said, "Everyday someone new figures out a way to take your money away."

But anyway leaving aside all the rip-off commercial stuff; posters of scantly clad women holding hemp leafs, T-shirts and hats with flowing tops etc., some medical novelties are being seriously looked at by antique collectors.

Perhaps the best example, are used [believe it or not] now empty plastic bags, used [again using the past tense] by Cannabis buyers clubs and collectives, [10] to dispense their product. The best kind are those that contain some "Brand Name" or the name of the collective on the label.

However, price wise, collectors should be warned that, at least for the present, while interest is up, prices are not. And due to the ease of counterfeiting these fine little empty bags, it may be best to simply treat them as novelties but NOT investments.   Example: Is the bag pictured above a total fake or did it really once contain a medical product? [See Chapter 2]

[10] These Medical Cannabis Cooperatives spring up after the passage of Prop-215 [the medical marihuana initiative] in California. They can now be found in every state that has passed pro-Medical Marihuana laws, although the Federal government still claims that they are illegal.


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