The Canon Episcopi
Official Position Of The Church - 1140AD


[1] To the end that bishops and their ministers work to labor with all strength to entirely uproot from their parishes the pernicious and devil-invented sorcery and malefic arts, if they find any man or woman sectarian of this wickedness, they eject them dishonorably disgraced from their parishes. Truly the Apostle agrees: "Avoid a heretic after the first and second warning, knowing he is subverted who is of that kind." They are subverted, and they are held captive by the devil, who, leaving their creator, curry support from the devil. And therefore, such a pest ought to be cleansed from the holy Church.

[2] This also is not to be omitted, that certain wicked women, turned back toward Satan, seduced by demonic illusions and phantasms, believe of themselves and profess to ride upon certain beasts in the nighttime hours, with Diana, the Goddess of the Pagans, and an innumerable multitude of women, and to traverse great spaces of earth in the silence of the dead of night, and to be subject to her laws as of a Lady, and on fixed nights be called to her service.

[3] But would that they alone perished in their falsehood, and did not, through faithlessness, hand over many to ruin with themselves! For an innumerable multitude, deceived by this false opinion, believe this to be true, and so believing, avoid the straight faith, and are again caught in the errors of the Pagans, by judging there to be anything of divinity or divine will beyond the one God. Therefore, priests throughout their churches are required to pronounce this crime to the people, with all insistence, so this will be known to be lies in every way; and not from a divine, but from a malignant spirit are such phantasms imposed on the minds of the unfaithful.

[4] Since Satan himself, who transforms himself into an angel of light, begins with the mind of whatsoever girl - and he will subjugate her to himself through unfaithfulness and disbelief – he immediately transforms himself into the species and resemblances of various persons; and the mind which he holds captive, deluded in sleep, is shown things now joyful, now mournful, and persons, now known, now unknown; through deserted places he leads it away; and though only the spirit endures this, the unfaithful mind believes this to happen not in the soul, but in the body.

[5] Who truly has not, in sleep and at night, been summoned to visions outside of himself, and seen many things asleep which never are seen awake? Who in truth is stupid and foolish enough to decide all this which is done only in the spirit, actually happens in the body, when Ezekiel the Prophet saw visions of the Lord in the spirit, not in the body; and John the Apostle saw and heard the sacred things of the Apocalypse in the spirit, not in the body, just as he himself declares: "Firmly I say, I was in the spirit." And Paul does not dare to declare he was snatched away in the body.

[6] Therefore, publicly announce to all: any who believe such and similar things destroys the faith, and whoever has not the straight faith in God, is not his, but is of whom he believes, that is, the devil. For about our Lord is written: "All things are made by him, and without him nothing is made." Whoever, then, believes anything can be made, or any creature can be changed to better or worse, or transformed into another species or resemblance - except by the Creator himself who made all things, and through whom all things are made - is an unbeliever beyond doubt.

TRANSLATION:   Like so many accusations made against Medical Cannabis during the Reefer Madness era, actual witchcraft was nothing more than Utter Rot. True, some women* actually believed they had supernatural powers, but it was all in their imaginations.

* Note - However how the “SHE” term is used within the Episcopi. An omnibus harbinger of things to come.


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