Trivia is fun, but it should be noted that neither one of these products became popular until AFTER the passage of the anti-Medical Marihuana laws.



BAMBU (Cigarette Paper):
According to the; Bulletin---Bureau of Criminal Investigation - New York State Police Vol. 16 No. 3 1951 (article title) "MARIHUANA"
". . . Cigarettes, which are also referred to as "reefers" or "muggles", are usually hand-rolled, although occasionally some will appear as if they have been prepared on a home-type cigarette roller. The paper used in marihuana cigarettes is often of double thickness, which is necessary because broken pieces of twigs and leaves readily pierce the single thickness of ordinary cigarette paper. . . . . Our experience obtained from the examination of many marihuana cigarettes has revealed a peculiarity; most of the cigarettes are made with a particular brand cigarette paper; namely, Bambu. This Bambu paper is a product of Spain and undoubtedly is slightly cheaper than American made cigarette paper. Although there is no known definite reason why Bambu paper is desired,[5] it is felt that the persons making marihuana cigarettes are more familiar with this Spanish brand than the American brands. . . . . In our experience, we have never found a cigarette made with ordinary tobacco in which Bambu paper has been used. . . . We have found some marihuana cigarettes not made with Bambu paper but in the majority of cases, Bambu has been used."



 Customer to store keeper: Do you have Prince Albert in a Can?
 Store Keeper: Yes.
 Punch Line: Well let him out.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Ok, a sick joke, but according to the semi-official magazine -- "Drug Enforcement" [Dec 1980]
"A Prince Albert Tobacco tin. The "tin" was widely accepted as a unit of measurement on the street, and still is, only now it is known more commonly as a "lid of grass."
It should noted [historically speaking] that not only was it a widely available product at the times but that a tin of Prince Albert Tobacco was less expensive than most other brands.

[5] Maybe it has something to do with the cost$$