Comparison -- Medical Verses Tobacco Cigarettes:


In general, factory manufactured medicated cigarettes with Cannabis (regardless of era) are readily identifiable. In general, they seem to be just a little (about 20%) smaller than the tobacco cigarette familiar in today's world. In addition, they would have weighed a little more than normal; just enough to let you know that whatever is in them is not simply tobacco.

These Marshall's Asthmatic cigarettes (era 1880-1920s), which may or may not have originally contained Cannabis, nevertheless provide a good example of medical cigarettes form that era. Note the difference in size between a modern-day (tobacco cigarette) and the smaller medical cigarette.

  The back end or filter side of a typical 1880-1920's era medical (right) and modern-day tobacco cigarette (left). Notice that the "filter" on the 1880s cigarette consists of nothing more than an empty cylinder at the end of the cigarette.

  The front end of a typical 1880-1920's era medical (left) and modern-day (right) tobacco cigarettes. Note that in addition to the size differences, the medical cigarettes must make use of a wrapper (almost tea-bag like) closed ended. It is assumed that this is to prevent the contents from falling out.

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