Were there any other brands of pre-1937 Medical Cigarettes? The answer is Maybe. We have been able to locate the following:


CRESCENT MARQUE Cannabis Cigarettes:
The above photograph was obtained from a United Nations Publication [Bulletin on Narcotics" Vol. 3, No. 1, Jan. 1951 pp9]: The caption reads: "Marihuana (Indian Hemp) cigarettes seized in the illicit market." Which is all the information that this museum knows about the product. We do not even know if they were actual cigarettes or just empty tubes. Nor if they were used for recreational or medical purposes.

CANNADONNA (Asthma cigarettes):
This was a non-American brand of medical cigarettes (which is why we know so little about it). The label reads: "Obtainable from all chemist or Direct from Frid Stone M.R.S.V. Chemist. 9 Baker Pd Ashburton Tel, WM 2328 -- also gives great relief in catarrh, hay fever etc. This is the only asthma cigarette made especially to suit Australian conditions. Obtainable also for Pipe smoking. Directions: One to be smoked during attacks, a mixture of tobacco cannabis & belladonna." (No picture available) To our knowledge, it was never directly sold in North America, but some of them could have made their way in.

Antidotal (smoking) Uses:
Samuel Hopkins Adams, in his book "The Great American Fraud," talks about a German brand of "Hashish" cigarettes, but we suspect that he was actually talking about Grimualts.

The following is taken from the "1914/Report of investigation in the State of Texas" [Made public on April of 1917], on the subject of Marihuana along the Mexican border; -- Author: Smith, R. Publication: Washington: Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Chemistry:
"During this investigation I collected several samples of Cannabis Indica, both in bulk and package form . . . together with some Marihuana cigarettes which were seized by the customs officials at El Paso. I would call special attention to the two samples of the one-ounce package put out by Parke Davis and Co. of Detroit. The larger container is the more recent on the market and you will notice that the contents are in loose form convenient for smoking purposes. . . . manufacturing drug houses in the United States are putting on the market foreign Indian Hemp or Cannabis Indica in bulk or in package form, which is being sold by the retail druggists solely for smoking purposes . . . . The sale of the drug is not confined to Mexicans. American soldiers, negross , prostitutes, pimps, and a criminal class of whites in general are numbered among the users of this weed. . . . A retail drug store in San Antonia, catering exclusively to Mexican treads. . . There is no question but that it is purchased for smoking purposes. I have calls for it practically from Mexicans only, although in the last few months I have noticed several American negroes and whites of the lower class are beginning to call for it." [4]
Point being made, there must certainly must have been numerous [Brand Named] cigarettes sold in the US that contained Cannabis. Unfortunately documentation is lacking and thus we cannot state for sure.

[4] - This report, containing with numerous racial stereotypes can be obtain through the museum.