Addendum 7b - 2nd Edition
On Smokable Products

Addendum 7b
Smokable Medicines -- An Update
SAVARS [Medical Cannabis] CIGARETTES

"SAVAR’S (anti-asthma) CIGARETTES:"
"After years of looking and just about giving up, we’ve just found a totally new Medical Cannabis cigarette [era 1890’s]. This is only the 2nd such pre-1937 Cannabis cigarette found (at least on a trade or brand name basis)." --- As per our museum newsletter

THE LANCET - Aug 13, 1896

Note that the following ad, [era 1880's below] found in the Journal of the British Medical Association ("The British Medical Journal"), lists the ingredients -- Cubeb ; Stramonium ; and Cannabis.   All of which were used to ease the effects of asthma attacks.

British Medical Journal - Sep 22, 1883

According to the book: "The Inhalation Treatment of Diseases of Diseases of the Organs of Respiration including Consumption" by Arthur Hill Hassall [1885] the formula is as follows:
    "Savar's Cubeb Cigarettes consist of cubebs, stramonium, and cannabis." --- pg 193

In addition to marketing the "Savars" line of Medical Cannabis cigarettes, Evans Sons & Co., it also manufacturer / marketed its own "Tincture Cannabis" [see below]

Tincture Cannabis by Evans Sons & Co.

The following is taken [with permission] from the following website:


This company also made other Medical products

The Savars vapour inhaler is another example of the same type as the earthenware Improved Dr Nelson inhaler.

This is quite a small example, just 12.5 cm (5 inches).   Directions for use are printed on the back.   It recommends that infusions have boiling water poured over the ingredients, whereas liquid and volatile medicines should be added to the boiling water already in the inhaler.

Savars also sold another inhaler, the ‘popular’ inhaler, similar to the Boot’s Hygienic inhaler, it is pictured below.


Which brings up a question, according to the book: "The Inhalation Treatment of Diseases of Diseases of the Organs of Respiration including Consumption" by Arthur Hill Hassall [1885]:

    “Whatever substances, therefore, are contained in or added to water and which are not volatile at 100° C. or 212° F., will not pass over by distillation, but will be found in the residue of the retort or still.   It is thus useless to prescribe for inhalation by the vapour of hot water or by means of oro-nasal inhalers, as is frequently done, such remedies as preparations of opium, Cannabis Indica, stramonium, hyoscyamus, and many other medicinal substances. “--- page 16
Which (I think) translates into something like; --- because Cannabis has a higher melting temperature then hot water; --- then throwing it into a hot water bath isn't going to steam it up; --- meaning that it won’t work in a steam vaporizer.

The same book however, does go on to mention a great formula for asthma.
    . . . “Dr. W. H. Beverley, of Scarborough, gives the following formula for the preparation of a powder which he has found very useful in the relief of asthmatical attacks, including those of hay fever.   Six drachms of each of the following: datura tatula, stramonium, cannabis, and lobelia, with 4 drachms of nitre and 1/2 drachm of eucalyptus oil.   A teaspoonful to be burnt occasionally and the fumes inhaled.” . . . page 285
    Unless you live in a third-world country and/or DO NOT have access to modern-day anti-asthma medications, DO NOT use medical Cannabis to treat asthma.   The late Dr. Tod Mikuriya, an acknowledged expert on the present-day uses of medical Cannabis, put it this way: "Many people with asthma also have bronchitis problems."   In today's world Cannabis in cigarette form is simply not an appropriate medicine.   If, for whatever reason, Cannabis is to be used (with the assistance of a health care provider), check into the use of vaporizers or other inhalants. 

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