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Boericke & Tafel Cannabis Tincture:
Approximate bottle length from top to bottom (+ or - 1/8th inch) is 4 5/8" without cork; the cork is lose and comes on and off..

Top & Seam- This is a tooled top bottle. The two seams extend less than half way up the neck where they fade and circular tooling marks appear. Embossing- The bottle is embossed on one side vertically from top to bottom BOERICKE & TAFEL.

Label: See photo 5. The label is printed BOERICKE & TAFEL in a very slight arch, over PHILADELPHIA, over CANNABIS SATIVA, over NEW YORK AND CHICAGO over HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY. There is a scuffed area of the paper on the top half of the first A in sativa, and the top third to one quarter of the letter is missing. As seen in the photos, the label is very readable but has browned with age.

Bottom- no pontil or embossing. Chips/cracks- none Finish & Appearance- The exterior is clean and glossy. There is a dark "crud" on the inside which has settled on the back wall and bottom. Color: the glass is clear colored glass.

For those unfamiliar with bottle collecting, bottles are dated according to factors related to their manufacture. This bottle, being a non-machine made, "tooled top" bottle with relatively pure clear glass and block lettering embossing on the side places it at about 1895, give or take ten years.