Addendum 15a - 2nd Edition
The Rev. C.S. Burnett

Addendum 15a
The Rev. C.S. Burnett

Quack Medicines

This section is essentially the same as that found in our section on smokable products.   [Technically one of the two medicines here is inhaled and thus classified as a smokable medicine]   Here we deal only with the legitimacy of the product.

This author is of the belief that YES this was a quack medicine for two reasons:

1- First, there is the Volatility Factor:   Here once more quoting from the book; "The Inhalation Treatment of Diseases of Diseases of the Organs of Respiration including Consumption" by Arthur Hill Hassall [1885]:
“Whatever substances, therefore, are contained in or added to water and which are not volatile at 100° C. or 212° F., will not pass over by distillation, but will be found in the residue of the retort or still.   It is thus useless to prescribe for inhalation by the vapour of hot water or by means of oro-nasal inhalers, as is frequently done, such remedies as preparations of opium, Cannabis Indica, stramonium, hyoscyamus, and many other medicinal substances. “--- pg 16
Which I feel we can all agree is technically correct; which in effect means that, at least his inhaler product which relies on Hot water for its actions, won’t work as advertised.

2- Second, just look over his wording:
“This recipe is sent to you . . though a minister of the gospel, and for many years a missionary in distant parts of the globe . . . While pursuing his labors, thus brought to his notice, among other very valuable medicinal plants of that climate, an article called by the natives Hashish . . . “
Look, I’m not saying that the formula as given (in syrup form), won’t work for some of the stated medical needs.   However, just look over the pamphlet, would any legitimist person put out such a thing?   [see Pamphlet below]

The Rev. C.S. Burnett's sales pamphlet describing his products.
Rev. C.S. Burnett Front

Rev. C.S. Burnett Back

Rev. C.S. Burnett leftlet

Now moving on to second subject, that being   Was the Rev. C.S. Burnett and Mr. Noyes one and the same person?   The answer is maybe, first let’s look at the stated formula:
    Aqueous Fluid Extract of Cannabis Sativa 8 Oz
    Syrup of Wild Cherry Bark 6 Oz
    Extract of Calabria Liquorice half pound
    Salts of Tartar 2 oz
    Tartrate of Antimony and Potass 6 Grains
    Decoction of Slippery elm Bark 1 gallon
Note that it is similar to but not the same, as that used at a later time by Mr. Noyes.   Also note that Rev. Burnett lives in New York City as oppose to Rochester N.Y. (their at the opposite ends of the state).   But the modus operandi is so similar one can’t help but wonder if Mr. Noyes lived in New York City at the time, just before moving to Rochester.   But again, it may be best for the reader to gage this for themselves.

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