Cannabis Veterinary Products

Chapter 14 - (2nd Edition)

Cannabis Veterinary Products
Chapter 14

Cannabis Veterinary Products:
Before the invention of the automobile, the horse was not seen as a family pet, but rather as an important work tool needed in everyday life. For a farmer it was the tractor, for a deliverymen as a truck engine, and for most everyday persons the equivalent of the automobile. Therefore, it was important to maintain that tool in proper operating condition.

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14.0 -- Cannabis Veterinary Products:
"Recommended For Both Man And Beast" --- W.T. Rawleigh
In today's modern industrial world of automated machines and the automobile, we tend to forget the importance of animals and the services that they once provided us. The origin of words like, "horsepower" have long ago lost their original meaning and, with perhaps the exception of a few dairy cow owners, most Americans now think of Veterinary Medicine as falling within the exclusive domain of the family pet.

But this was not always the case. Before the invention of the automobile, the horse or ox was not a family pet, but rather a necessary worker in everyday life. For a farmer it was the tractor, for a deliverymen it was the truck engine, and for most everyday persons the equivalent of the automobile. Therefore, it was important to maintain that tool in proper operating condition.

14.1 -- Veterinary Products:
"What kills us humans, kills them too" --- Star Trek
Physiological differences between humans and animals aside, it has been said that "whatever kills us, kills them too." No surprise then that many pre-1937 pharmaceutical houses, (along with human products) carried their own complete line of veterinary medicines as well. And such was the importance of veterinary medicines back then that some would even mix both product lines together in their advertising and literature catalogues. Because Cannabis was such a common ingredient in pre-1937 medicines, it stands to reason that it would also make its way into veterinary products.

However, because unlike humans, animals cannot talk and tell someone what is ailing them, most of these medicines were used almost exclusively to treat the external or the obvious illnesses. Veterinary Cannabis preparations thus seem primarily recommended for the following ailments:

  • Anti-Spasmodic medicines
  • Analgesic (Pain Killers) medicines
  • Colic relief
  • Sedative or 'comer-downer' medicines

    14.2 -- Parke Davis Veterinary products:
    All of the following are taken directly from just one pharmaceutical catalog: "The (1912) Parke Davis catalog of Veterinary products." They are included here to illustrate just how extensive (and essential) the use of medical cannabis was to the veterinary field. Note that many of these products were originally created for human consumption. The only differences seem to lay in the strength of the drug ---presumably to compensate for size differences.
    Catalogue of the Veterinary Products
    (Revised to July 15, 1912)

  • FLUID EXTRACT - CANNABIS AMERICANA (No. 596 - per 8th U.S.P.) - pg. 14: - Tested physiologically Dose, 2 to 6 drs., narcotic, analgesic, sedative. May be often used in place of opium with the best results, especially in spasmodic disorders and in genito-urinary irritation: also in persistent cough and in hysteria, as well as in such painful affections as flatulent and spasmodic colic, pruritus and neuralgia, and to relieve spasms of chorea: also to quiet refractory animals for standing operations. This fluid extract, prepared from the home-grown cannabis, is in every respect equal to that produced from the expensive East Indian drug.

  • TINCTURE - CANNABIS AMERICANA (No. 14 - per 8th U.S.P.) - pg. 22:

  • MEDICINAL ELIXIRS - Bromide and Chloral compound - pg. 26:
    Chloral hydrate 120 grs.; Potassium bromide 120 grs.; Ext. Hyoscyamus 1 gr.; Ext. Indian Cannabis 1 gr.

  • PILLS - SEDATIVE - (No. 593) pg. 36:
    Ext. Sumbul 1-2 gr.; Ext. Hyoscyamus 1-2 gr.; Ext. Valerian 1-2 gr.; Ext. Indian Cannabis 1-10 gr.

  • CHLOR-ANODYNE - pg. 46:
    A promptly efficient and pleasant remedy for colic, neuralgia, spasmodic pains, etc. Each fluidounce contains: Morphine hydrochloride, 1 7/8 grs. : Fl. Ext. Indian Cannabis 46 mins : Diluted Hydrocyanic acid 9 mins: Chloroform, 46 mins: Oil peppermint, 1 mins: Tinct. Capsicum, U.S.P. 1890 1 mins. Dose for dog. 15 minims, to be repeated in half an hour if necessary.

  • CODEINE COUGH SEDATIVE (Syrupus Codeinae compsitus) - pg. 47:
    Each fluidounce represents; Codeine phosphate, 1 gr. ; Ext. Indian Cannabis gr.; White Pine bark, 32 grs.; Wild Cherry, 32 grs; Eriodictyon, 16 grs. ; Balsam Poplar buds (Balm of Gilead), 4 grs. ; chloroform, 2 mins. ; Glycerin, 120 mins. Dose for dog, 1 to 2 fluidrachms.

  • UTROVOL (Elixir Piscidia compound) - pg. 61:
    Each fluidounce represents; Squaw-vine, 40 grs.; Viburnum Prunifolium, 60 grs.; Cimicifuga, 30 grs.; Jamaica Dogwood, 30 grs.; Hydrastic, 30 grs.; Cascara Sagrada, 10 grs.; Hyoscyamus, 10 grs.; Potassium bromide, 20 grs.; Ext. Indian Cannabis, 1 grs. Dose. 1 to 2 fl. drs. (Formerly "Uterine Tonic)."

    Each Tablet = 1-4 r gr.

  • TABLETS - CANNABIS INDICA TINCTURE. (per U.S.P. 8th Rev.) - pg. 75:
    Each Tablet = 2 mins.

  • TABLETS - CHLORODYNE - pg. 76:
    Morphine hydrochloride 1-6 gr.; Ext. Hyoscyamus 1-2 gr.; Ext. Indian Cannabis 1-4 gr.; Oleoresin Capsicum 1-20 min.; Glonoin (Nitroglycerin) 1-300 gr.; Oil Peppermint 1-10 min.;

  • TABLETS - CHLORODYNE No. 2 (half-strength)- pg. 76:
    Morphine hydrochloride 1-12 gr.; Ext. Hyoscyamus 1-4 gr.; Ext. Indian Cannabis 1-8 gr.; Oleoresin Capsicum 1-40 min.; Glonoin (Nitroglycerin) 1-600 gr.; Oil Peppermint 1-20 min.

  • TABLETS - NEURALGIC (Brown-Sequard) - pg. 81:
    Ext. Hyoscyamus 2-3 gr.; Ext. Aconite leaves 1-3 gr.; Ext. Conium fruit 2-3 gr.; Ext. Ignatia 1-2 gr.; Ext. Opium 1-2 gr.; Ext. Stramonium seed 1-5 gr.; Ext. Indian Cannabis 1-4 gr.; Ext. Belladonna leaves 1-6 gr.

  • TABLETS - SEDATIVE (Dr. Brown) -- pg. 83:
    Sodium bromide 2 grs.; Potassium bromide 2 grs.; Ammonium bromide 2 grs.; Tinct. Hyoscyamus, (U.S.P. 1890) 5 mins.; Tinct. Indian Cannabis, (per U.S.P. 1890) 5 mins.
  • Note, most (Human) pharmaceutical manufactures also made and sold their medicines for veterinary use. The only recommended differences seems to be in the amount (or doses) that were to be given.

    14.3 -- Prices -- Antique Veterinary products:
    In general prices for pre-1940 Cannabis veterinary products are the equivalent of and closely follow those of their human counter parts. Just treat them as you would any other medical product.

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